At a cultural exchange workshop, held by NMC-CESI, Photo by Rasha Elendari


The NMC-CESI is a student led humanitarian initiative created by a group of students and faculty at the Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto. This initiative serves as a resource for the influx of new Syrian-Canadians, raises awareness about the ongoing issues in Syria and the Middle East, and raises funds in order to help Syrian refugees and students at risk. The NMC-CESI collective plans fundraising, social and recreational activities, and campaigns. It organizes scholarly and public talks, establishes language and cultural exchange programs between students and refugees, and connects fluent Arabic speakers to refugee sponsors. The NMC-CESI’s educational mission is to create a network and dialogue between the University of Toronto and other Canadian universities, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations, in order to provide the public with a more comprehensive picture of the current issues in the Middle East and the global reaction to these issues.

NMC-CESI has started a weekly Youth Workshop to exchange language and culture between Syrian newcomer youth and U of T student volunteers. To learn more, please visit the “Facebook Page”or email

NMC-CESI also offer translating services for Syrian newcomer families. Email with your requests.