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Expanded Scholars at Risk Program

“We believe these bursaries will play a powerful role in helping these students and their families rebuild their lives."

President Meric Gertler

President Meric Gertler announced that University of Toronto's “Scholars-At-Risk” program at Massey College will be expanded with a new bursary for students at risk. The goal is to create a $1 million fund supporting 100 bursaries of $10,000 each, which the University would award over the next 10 years. U of T is committing $500,000 to match donations of any size from students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters. The bursaries will go to undergraduate and graduate students with refugee status in Canada. To begin, the bursaries will be focused on Syrian students at risk, and will be broadened to include other refugees who have had their educations disrupted by conflict or war.

U of T's President, Vice-Presidents, Chancellor, and Chair and the staff members who support them held a fundraiser that contributed $8,156 to the Scholars at Risk Program.

How You Can Help

Donate to Scholars At Risk Award Program

Additional Information

Undergraduate students email or in writing to

Scholars and Students at Risk Award Program
Enrolment Services
172 St. George Street
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 0A3

Graduate students, contact Scholars at Risk Program at Massey College by emailing